About Us

Small Biz Up is dedicated to helping small and micro businesses in the Hudson Valley become more profitable…

Building the future

Small Biz Up is a Hudson Valley-base firm, specializing in the organic profit growth of local micro and small businesses. Our primary line of business is Internet marketing, but we also provide start-up companies with the tools necessary to build a strong root system and established companies with the management systems to grow more efficiently. Our solutions are customized for each client based on their needs and goals.

We believe successful small business owners should spend more time on their business rather than in their business. Small Biz Up enables business owners to focus on their core products by managing their online presence for them.

Our Services

Yes, we Design and Develop Websites, and can help you with Social Media, but we also do a lot more…

Our company is made up of two divisions, each of which is focused on a different aspect of business growth:

Small Business Growth Division

Full branding services

Seminars and educational workshops

Internet Marketing Division

Website Creation, Maintenance & Hosting

Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing and Social Networking

Why we're different

At Small Biz Up we feel we have several differentiators that set us apart from our competition and in the end can deliver more value to our customers:

  • We’re passionate about local economic development and community image because we live and work here too.
  • We focus on local, micro-businesses (<5 employees, <$500K revenue).
  • We keep our client base intentionally small so we can be extremely responsive.
  • We can explain complex concepts simply.
  • We believe in getting paid for results and offer pricing structures accordingly.
  • Our content and communication is clean, well structured, and grammatically correct.
  • We have a 100% USA based staff – English is our first language.
  • We are not single-dimensional – we serve as a solution resource for many small businesses problems.

A Few of Our Favorite Clients

Many of our clients have been with us since we started and we are grateful for all of them.
Our business model hinges on developing a personal relationship and spending the time it takes to understand your goals.

About Our Logo

Our logo was self-designed (another service we provide) to impart to our customers what our company is fundamentally about. The image is intended to symbolize the potential infinite growth of a tree from below the surface (i.e. the strong root system all businesses need to grow) all the way to endless heights (i.e. the organic growth businesses are capable of reaching). Both of these ends of the tree’s spectrum are what Small Biz Up focuses on for our customers.

The logo is also intended to symbolize professionalism, structure and capability of our company to our potential customers. While we don’t harp on branding as a predominant marketing tactic, often times a logo is a future customer’s first impression of a company and so we have put a lot of effort and take a great deal of pride in our logo creation.