Internet Marketing

Is Internet Marketing the same as Website Design?

The answer is no. Website Design is just a portion of Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is about using the different tools of the Internet (e.g. websites, blogs, social media, email, etc) as a medium to market your service or product. A well-designed Internet Marketing strategy uses a website as just one portion of the total package. Yes, we design Websites, but we also do a lot more to promote your product and services, which is why we call it Internet Marketing.

Small businesses without a well-designed online strategy are losing customers.  Period.

What does a well-designed online strategy look like?

The exact answer to this is different for every business, but there is one fundamental element that should always be present. A well thought out strategy attracts customers to your store (whether your store is online, on Main street, or both).

While your website is the core of your online presence, it should not be the only thing you have. A good web development strategy includes integration with the latest social media sites, incorporates email marketing, Search Engine Optimization and other online tools.

It’s the strategic development of all of these tools in conjunction with the design of your website that makes the difference.

SmallBizUp’s Internet Marketing division delivers custom, well structured websites that use a Content Management System and serve as a base for your complete online presence. We develop a personal relationship and spend the time it takes to understand your goals and then develop a strategy accordingly. Whether you are looking for Hosting, Web Design, On-going Maintenance, Social Media Integration, Email Marketing, or the training to do any of the above yourself, SmallBizUp can help.



Whatever geography you are in SmallBizUp provides Internet business solutions designed to help you succeed. We are based in the Hudson Valley, NY area – with a special focus on serving small businesses in the villages of Walden, Montgomery, Wallkill, Pinebush, and the counties of Dutchess and Orange; but wherever you are located we look forward to working with you so call 845-629-8969 or email to learn how your online presence can grow to the next level.