This blog is brought to you by Andre P. Newer (pronounced “Entrepreneur”), aspiring corporate escape artist looking to collaborate with fellow “rats” stuck in the “race” to find a way out.

Let me start off by saying I am a big fan of Tim Ferriss (  I have listened to the audio version of The 4-Hour Workweek many times and have already placed my order for his new book The 4-Hour Body .  Tim Ferriss is one of those people I Know, Like and Trust. And I’m not alone.

Tim Ferriss has over 162,000 followers on Twitter and over 32,500 followers on Facebook. When you combine that many followers with a brilliant entrepreneurial mind, you can make some serious money.

Tim Ferriss recently proved this with a contest he launched on his blog ( He asked his loyal followers to create (and test) some ads for his new book, the 4-Hour Body. He lined up a few impressive prizes to sweeten the pot. Seems innocent enough.

The results: Over 500 advertisements (in web-ready format) were created and submitted to Tim’s Facebook page (ads he will “test” on his blog). On top of being created, via Tim’s encouragement, ads were tested everywhere on the web by the creators. So with 2 months to go before the book even hits the bookstore shelves, Tim has found a way to take advantage of Social Media and his strong following to promote his book at a relatively low cost.

The lesson: Practice Know, Like, Trust. Build your list. Build it big.